A Fairer Scotland

TACKLE the gap between good policy and bad practice

  • Establish a review group in partnership with the Scottish Human Rights Commission and the SNAP Action Group on Health and Social Care to examine how statutory bodies are meeting their duties under social work and human rights legislation

CHAMPION the rights of people who live with long term conditions, disabled people and unpaid carers at the heart of Government

  • Create the post of a Scottish Minister for Long Term Conditions, Disability and Unpaid Carers
  • Create the post of a Commissioner for Scotland representing people with long term conditions, disabled people and unpaid carers
  • Publish a Carers Rights Charter setting out and consolidating existing rights and what statutory bodies need to do to support carers

DELIVER a new model of social security and employment following the Scotland Bill

  • Deliver a new Scottish social security system with compassion and human rights at its core, funding independent advocacy to support people through assessment processes
  • Fund a My Skills, My Strengths, My Right to Work Development Unit to support individuals and organisations in the new Scottish employability service framework

Read the full ALLIANCE manifesto for health and social care now.