Ian Welsh

The key message of our manifesto is that the four in ten people who live with long term conditions across Scotland are the experts in their lives. At this important juncture, it is crucial that we listen to their experience and knowledge in order to make sure that society enables them to flourish.


Thanks to all of the candidates and ALLIANCE members who have backed our calls to action for the next term of the Scottish Parliament. We will be keenly monitoring progress as the dust settles after May 5 and we look forward to working with members and MSPs alike to turn this vision into a reality. Ian Welsh OBE, Chief Executive, the ALLIANCE

Anne Hughes

I fully support the ALLIANCE manifesto and the need for people living with long term conditions and carers to be better supported with access to improved care, and for increased investment in specialist nurses and the provision of local community health and wellbeing hubs. The current post-code lottery affecting access to care, needs to be addressed urgently, and Health Boards have to be made more accountable for the care they provide, and also there’s a need for an independent regulator to be able to investigate any issues.  Anne, Renfrewshire

Catherine Hughes

I wholeheartedly support the ALLIANCE manifesto and hope that improving care for people living with long term conditions, carers and access to self management will be a top priority in the next Parliament, building on the success of the carers parliament. I also hope to see an annual parliament for the day to discuss the various issues related to long-term conditions and self management. There’s a need for investment in a more holistic approach to health involving integrative medicine like the innovative model of care pioneered at the NHS Centre for Integrative Care.  Catherine, Renfrewshire

Mark Ruskell

Congratulations to the ALLIANCE for laying out a bold agenda for change at Holyrood which I am delighted to support. With new powers coming to the Scottish Parliament we have the opportunity to design a welfare system that is just, compassionate and puts the voice and needs of people with disabilities at its heart. With new powers over taxation we have the opportunity to dramatically enhance the financial support given to unpaid carers while ensuring that paid carers are given a just wage and working conditions. Mark Ruskell, Scottish Green Party Lead Candidate Mid Scotland & Fife

Stewart Maxwell

I and the SNP know that ALLIANCE are an excellent partner which we are committed to working with. The SNP fully support prioritising action on social isolation and loneliness, providing greater support for people to “self manage” their long term conditions and having a new approach to social security in Scotland, based on compassion and human rights, and we will work with the ALLIANCE on their other manifesto calls.  Stewart Maxwell, Scottish National Party Candidate for Eastwood


I support the ALLIANCE’s call to continue to enhance capacity for the third sector, and hope to see additional commitment to supporting small organisations and social enterprises become involved in the health and social care integration agenda! Lindsey, Edinburgh

Lorraine Cleaver

The ALLIANCE’s manifesto aim to support the spread of self management of long term conditions is a hugely important one. Empowering people living with diabetes to self manage has yielded impressive results and it’s high time that fellow auto-immune thyroid patients were given that same choice and control. Affecting 1 in 20 in the UK, thyroid disease has a massive impact on ability to work, on family life and on mortality. As a petitioner in the Scottish Parliament for over three years, it’s become clear to me that person centred care needs to become far more than a buzzword. Lorraine Cleaver

Miles Briggs

I very much welcome the publication of the ALLIANCE’s manifesto.  At a time when the population is ageing and demands on our health services rising, the NHS needs our support.  That is why the Scottish Conservatives have proposed that the Scottish Government backs a new NHS guarantee. We want to see a guarantee that spending on our health service should rise each year by whatever is highest: inflation, 2 per cent or by the extra funding coming from Westminster. Every penny passed on to our health services.  The next Scottish Parliament has the opportunity to take action to help improve the experiences of people in Scotland who are disabled, living with long term conditions or who are unpaid carers.  It is vital that all Scotland’s political parties work together to build a stronger NHS which responds to meet the health and social needs of individuals and families. Miles Briggs, Scottish Conservatives candidate for Edinburgh Southern

Jim Hume

There is no question that the rights of people with disabilities, those with long-term conditions, and unpaid carers should be at the heart of any health and social care policy along with everyone’s equal rights.  Scottish Liberal Democrats are committed to building a fair society, and this includes taking into account the needs of every group. The call from the ALLIANCE goes a long way to help us do just that, and I warmly welcome this contribution.  Jim Hume, Scottish Liberal Democrats Spokesperson for Housing and Health and candidate for Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire


I’m backing the ALLIANCE’s call to include monitoring progress in preventing social isolation because loneliness and social isolation is a major public health risk.  It can increase the risk of mortality by almost 50 per cent even after underlying health problems are taken into account. Good Morning Service gives practical and emotional support 365 days members are, and feel, connected, safer and valued.  The power of social connection should not be under estimated: It is called the greatest predictor of long-term happiness. Nicky

Caroline, Bishopbriggs

I believe that unless we fully engage and really listen to individual families and unpaid carers we will miss great opportunities to make our health and social care services truly person centered. Self-Directed Support is based on human rights so let’s be human and get it right guided by excellent partnership working. Caroline, Bishopbriggs